Welcome to our DIY Astronomy pages.  Gail and I have been interested in astronomy since 2006. She is a retired teacher/librarian. I'm a retired engineer/systems developer. We've been experimenting with different approaches to our hobby. Gail now uses an ETX125. I've been experimenting with various telescopes on a German Equatorial Mount (GEM). We hope that our experiences give you some ideas on how to make working with telescopes easier.
All of the projects here are rather inexpensive. Nothing increases creativity better than a tight budget.
We'd like to thank our many friends at the Northern Cross Science Foundation (NCSF) here in Wisconsin. Their encouragement and advice  is greatly appreciated.

Feel free to use and copy from the attached pages. Copyright notices are only to reserve commercial rights. Of course, you alone are responsible for any damages you might do to your equipment or yourself.

Enjoy. Let me know how it's going   -    harvey@shermcraft.com

Harvey Sherman
Hubertus, Wisconsin
DIY Astronomy
Do It Yourself Projects

Custom Astro Tripod

   Making Sky Measurements

   Keeping Peace at Star Parties

   Align Reflex Finder to OTA