A Walk Around Harrogate, Yorkshire, England

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In July of 2003, Gail and I vacationed in Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. Harrogate is located north of Leeds and west of York. It is east of the southern tip of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. I lived in the area in the early 1960's, and it was great returning and sharing the area with my wife. We rented a flat in town on St. Mary's Avenue. The picture on the right shows Gail next to the our rental car. The flat is on the left. Fortunately, the street was one-way.  

St. Mary's Avenue

Our apartment was one block from the Stray. The Stray is a park of 200 acres of floral designs and open spaces. The Stray was established in 1778. The plaque tells the history of the park.

Plaque on Stray
The Stray
Gail Checking Flowers
on the Stray

Mineral springs were discovered in the area in 1571. By the early 1800's the springs were developed into the spa industry that made Harrogate famous.

Betty's Tea Room
War Memorial
Royal Hall
Royal Baths

40 years ago this was the Alex Hotel. There was a small pub on one side of the main floor. Well, now it's called the Rat and Parrot and the pub covers the entire main floor. The crowd overflows to the front of the building. The joint really jumps.

Rat & Parrot

It had been 40 years since I sat in the Alex with a pint of bitters. This was the first time Gail had been here, and it was really great being here with her. 

Having a Pint

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